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I have had a full and varied life but the constant through it all was being at home, cooking for my family which I’ve loved. I have 2 children and teaching them how to look after themselves after leaving school has been lots of fun!

  • After his GCSEs, I taught my son some basic cookery skills which gave him the confidence to pick up a cookery book & follow a recipe. Now he’s in his 3rd year at Uni looking after himself, eating (relatively) healthily and loving his new skill.
  • During her Sixth Form, my daughter completed her Gold DofE award and the residential element was at a cookery school. I was really impressed with the result; she could hardly boil an egg before and came home with so much knowledge she hosted my husband’s birthday party catering a 3 course meal for 25 people without even blinking! When I asked her what the essence of her learning was, she responded “well, I now have the confidence to pick up any recipe and have a go” – so actually, much the same outcome as my ‘basic lessons’ with my son 4 years earlier!

With just a bit of knowledge, a novice cook’s confidence grows and once they’ve done 2 or 3 dishes which taste ok, they’ll believe they can take on any recipe! I’m passionate about giving the next generation the skills needed to transition between being at home and living an independent life on their own. These skills; not just catering for themselves but budgeting and planning are transferable to every part of life and will set them up for a great future.

Many schools don’t offer Food & Nutrition lessons any more and many parents are too busy to teach them (or is it a bit like driving lessons … they won’t listen to a parent teaching them anyway!). Perhaps I can help…?

Annabel xx (2019)

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